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Alchemists Garden

Neem Dream Shampoo

Neem Dream Shampoo

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The Alchemist's Garden Neem Dream Shampoo is the Double Duty tack room essential you never knew you needed!

Not only is this All-Natural shampoo full of scurf busting power to leave your horse clean and shiny, it will also provide powerful and long lasting protection from flies and  mites. Two jobs in one! 

Neem oil has been used for thousands of years for a whole host of natural remedies. Due to its high fatty acid content, one of its key properties is boosting hair regrowth, making this shampoo ideal for those with sweet itch, as it will not only nourish skin, protect from flies but will promote hair regrowth. 

Neem Dream Shampoo is made from plant oils, meaning it contains no harsh chemicals will strip your horses coat of natural oils, instead, this shampoo will naturally nourish your horse down to the skin and provide long lasting protection. 

Neem Dream Shampoo contains no SLS which means it doesn't initially 'foam' as much as a regular shampoo, but will foam up as usual when worked into the coat thoroughly. 


It can be used in one of two ways, as a wash off in a slosh bucket, or directly as a shampoo. 

  • If using as a rinse, add 100ml of Neem Dream Shampoo to a bucket of water and mix thoroughly. Using a sponge apply directly to remove sweat marks, stable stains or surface dust. Then simply rinse and scrape off! For added Fly Deterring power leave to sit on the horse for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. 
  • If using as a shampoo apply Neem Dream Shampoo directly to your sponge and work thoroughly into the coat, in particular targeting in problem areas or heavy staining. Leave to work for a few minutes before rinsing off. 

NOTE: we would ALWAYS recommend patch testing our products on your horse before use. Please do not use this product around your horses face, eyes and nose. We would not recommend applying to open or healing wounds. Not for use internally. 

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