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The Alchemist's Garden was born out of a desire to develop natural alternatives to the chemical based products that are currently on the market for horse owners.


Nature knows best!

Nature provides our horses with a whole host of options to support their health and promote well being, naturally your horse would browse hedgerows, plants and meadows to naturally balance their diet and support their health, and by harnessing these ingredients, we are able to provide your horses with the ingredients they would find naturally in products that are not only kind to their skin but the environment too. 


We're now on a eco-friendly mission to make all of your favourite horse products totally plastic free. 

We've already converted our spray bottles and shampoo bottles to an 'Bio-polymer' which is made from Sugar Cane. When sugar cane grows it reduces the Co2 in the atmosphere reducing our carbon footprint. Not only are these bottles plastic free but they are also recyclable into the standard plastic recycling chain. 

We will be following through the rest of our range as soon as we are able to!


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