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Alchemists Garden

All Natural Hoof Moisturising Balm

All Natural Hoof Moisturising Balm

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The Alchemist's Garden Moisture BOOSTING Natural Hoof Balm is formulated using a blend of the finest natural oils and organic Bee's wax to protect and promote hoof health and condition and protect against cracks and infections with ingredients you can trust. Ideal in prevention and management of horses and ponies prone to thrush. 

- Promotes NATURAL shine

- Boosts Hoof Health and Condition

- Contains no animal bi-products

- Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Non Toxic. 

The ideal product to use all year round, When applied to the wall, sole and frog, the Hoof Balm provides an affective barrier against water, mud and bacteria and promotes healthy hoof growth. Ideal for preventing hoof wall and bulb from cracking

The Alchemist's Garden Hoof Balm is formulated with peppermint and tea tree oils which are naturally anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. These will help prevent hoof conditions and infections while keeping hooves conditioned and crack free 

We advise applying either with your hands or with a Hoof Oil Brush once a day to a clean, dry hoof. 


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