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Equine 'Fly Away' Fly Repellent Balm

Equine 'Fly Away' Fly Repellent Balm

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Our effective and long lasting fly repellent balm is formulated with the naturally powerful properties of Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, Neem Oil and Citronella which when combined, will protect your horse or pony from pesky flies and other insects all day long.  

Unlike many other fly repellent products, our natural formula contains no nasty, harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients. 

Ideal for horses who struggle with flies around their face and ears, and those who are uncomfortable with spray type repellents. it can be applied with a sponge for maximum coverage. 

Directions: Apply directly to the skin avoiding contact with the eyes or any open wounds. Not for internal use. Please patch test before use. 

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