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Alchemists Garden

'Equestrian' Eco Crew

'Equestrian' Eco Crew

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BRAND NEW to the Alchemist's Club, we teamed up with Practical Horse Company to bring you this super cute 'Equestrian' Slogan Crewneck jumper. Its soft, flattering and better still, made from 100% recycled material! Meaning it looks as good as it is for the planet. 

Perfect for days on the yard, for riding or even for casual day wear.  

Its light but quality feel makes it perfect for all year round, light enough for summer days and perfect for layering when the temperature drops. 

RECYCLED? Tell me more! Hows it Made?

The cuttings from organic cotton textile production are salvaged, these are then shred and turned back into soft cotton fibres. We add fibres made from locally recycled plastic bottles to obtain the cotton and polyester blend. We spin the blended fibres into fine yarn to make fabrics. Finally, we finish the production with care to create a high-quality product.

Why not just use regular material?

Great question, we had no idea how environmentally damaging our clothes can be! one of the most water intensive materials to produce on the whole planet is cotton, meaning that sometimes the countries that need the water the most, don't get it because it's going into clothing production for the western world. This is why we really need to think about which companies we purchase our clothing from and if the items are 'ethical'


Please note these crew necks are unisex and so the sizes will come up slightly larger than the regular fit  

These t's are certified under the Global Recycle Standard (GRS)and the Organic Content Standard (OCS) by the Control Union Certifications.
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