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Alchemists Garden

Deep Clean Shampoo

Deep Clean Shampoo

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New for SS23 

As horse and pony owners we all know the battle of keeping your horses clean and healthy year round can be a challenge. Our new shampoo makes light work of this job, making sure you have everything you need to get your horse or pony pal back sparkling clean in quick time. 

The NEW Alchemist’s Garden Deep Clean Shampoo is a natural based formula with plant based ingredients including Aloe Vera and Avocado to help cleanse the skin and leave your horse or pony super clean and shiny. 

Great for sensitive skin, this shampoo contains no SLS, parabens or sulphates. Meaning the shampoo will not strip your horses coat of the essential oils they need for healthy skin.

Hydrolysed wheat proteins and vitamin B5 will promote hair condition and strength ensuring that even the manes and tails in poor condition have the best chance at super regrowth and be left silky and shiny.



The super concentrated formula means that shampoo can be concentrated 10:1 meaning this shampoo will work harder for less. 

In a clean bucket, Simply add 100ml of shampoo to 1000ml of water (preferably warm) and mix together.

Wet the horse thoroughly with warm water, massage the diluted shampoo into the coat with a sponge, brush or by hand, working into a lather, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly ensuring that all suds are removed and until water runs clear.

Combine with our NEW mane and tail detangler for long lasting results. 



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