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The Alchemists Garden

Peppermint Hoof Oil

Peppermint Hoof Oil

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The Alchemist's Garden Hoof Oil is formulated using only plant based ingredients to help promote healthy pliable hooves. Many of our customers have made the switch from harsh ingredients to this all natural alternative. 

Containing a botanical blend of essential oils to maintain natural moisture balance, prevent split hooves and cracked heels and optimise hoof growth and integrity

With Comfrey OilComfrey contains a substance called allantoin  which is most commonly known for its natural healing abilities of bone and soft tissue.

Also containing Peppermint Oil which is anti-microbial and ideal for fighting infection. It also repels flies bathing your horses feet and legs, ideal for use through spring and summer.


*please note we have now removed bee’s wax from this product in order to make it vegan*

Directions of use: Apply to the outside of clean, dry hooves with a clean brush. PLEASE PATCH TEST BEFORE USE. DO NOT APPLY TO BROKEN SKIN. 

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