Product Spotlight: Hoof Wax!

We've been inundated with messages regarding one of our latest products - The Alchemist's Garden Hoof Wax! We are always striving to bring out new products and work on our existing products for them to be as hard working as they can be and our new Hoof Wax is no exception.

When we launched Hoof Wax, people wanted to know what it is, what it does and how to use it and were here to give you some more information on this wonder product and what it can do to help your horses hooves!

The all natural formula is an eco friendly option as apposed to chemical based products. Its totally safe to apply without gloves and unlike some other products it will help to kill off bacteria without damaging healthy tissue. 

What is The Alchemists Garden Hoof Wax?

The Alchemist's Garden Hoof Wax is a mallaable wax which is used to pack into cracks, crevices and holes in your horse or ponies hoof. Its not like a hoof balm, its a very hard wax which will not spread 

What does it do?

It seals the hole to prevent dirt and other debris entering the damaged parts of the hoof and causing further problems, for example an abscess hole

What's in it?

The Alchemists Garden Hoof Wax contains a comprehensive blend of Bee's Wax, Carrier Oils, Plant Based Resin and Essential Oils which work together to create a waterproof, hard wearing wax which contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to help fight off infections.



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