Horse grooming 101

1. If you can, always start with clean brushes!

Gather your essential grooming kit, this should include body brushes, curry combs, a mane and tail brush, and a hoof pick.


3. Begin with a thorough curry combing: Use a circular motion to loosen dirt, mud, and loose hair from the coat.


4. Brush away dirt and add shine!

Use a stiff brush to remove loosened dirt and distribute natural oils for a shiny coat. We LOVE haas brushes for this!


5. Pay attention to sensitive areas: Be extra gentle when grooming the face, ears, and belly to avoid discomfort.


6. Pick out your horses hooves daily!

Use a hoof pick to remove debris and check for any signs of injury or infection. This is the easiest way to check for stones and prevent abscesses, thrush, white line disease amongst other hoof problems.


Spraying the hooves with a hoof disinfectant and pack them with an anti-bacterial clay to prevent infection.


7. Detangle your horses mane and tail:


Keeping on top of manes and tails is never easy, if you use a quality detangling spray and a wide-toothed comb, this will prevent knots and maintain healthy hair growth. Regular use of a mane and tail spray will ensure that your horses mane stays untangled for longer


8. Always check for cuts, bruises, rubs, marks.


Grooming is the perfect chance to check for any injuries, insect bites, or skin conditions that may require attention.


9. Summer weather will usually mean you need to apply fly repellent or fly cream to the body and face of your horse. Use a fly rug if your horse also suffers with seasonal sweet itch.


10. Build a routine: Consistent grooming not only keeps your horse looking their best but also strengthens your bond.

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