Wonder Ingredient 101 - Neem Oil

Wonder Ingredient 101 - Neem Oil

Here at Alchemists Garden HQ, we love to learn about natural ingredients from all over the world and what they can do for our horses. 

We have such a dependance of pharmaceuticals for treating every issue that arrises when in fact, many of the ailments we face can be aided if we just look to nature.

One of our most commonly used ingredients is NEEM OIL. Neem Oil is a vegetable oil which is cold pressed from the leaves of the Neem Tree, it is a popular oil used medicinally in the east for a huge variety of things.

Neem has a whole host of natural properties which include

- Anti Septic

- Anti Fungal 

- Anti-Histamine 

- Anti-Bacterial

- Rich in Vitamin E

- Fly and insect Repellent 

One of the more notable properties of neem oil is it’s distinctive smell. Somewhere a cross between a powerful nutty / garlic smell.

The way in which we blend our ingredients together means that this smell isn’t as profound, without effecting the viability of the neem oil.
Neem is also an incredibly effective skin conditoner due to it's emmolient properties, sealing in moisture and creating a protective layer on the skin. When applied topically it will help to protect and nourish the skin and combined with other ingredients will encourage hair regrowth. 

For the above reasons and many more, we have found this ingredient to be super effective at a whole host of equine related issues such as mud fever, mallenders, sweet itch, scratches and scars, for fly and insect deterrent, hair loss / patchy coat, tail rubbing and many many more.

Neem oil is an important and effective ingredient in our itch balm, fly spray, fly balm and in our natural shampoo bar. 

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