What's in your Hoof Oil?

What's in your Hoof Oil?

As someone who is fanatical about reading labels I have an increased awareness of what is in everything I purchase for myself, this in turn has transferred onto my entire consumer habits. I have always been frustrated by the amount of animal bi-products or harmful chemicals that we're applying to ourselves and our pets. There must be a better way?

If you were asked, what's in your hoof oil? Would you know?

A few equestrian brands have released hoof oil products which claim to benefit your horses feet, but are fundamentally, jars of animal fat mixed with oils. There is little evidence to show that Animal Fat would have any beneficial factors for your horses hooves. 

Many hoof products also contain chemicals such as Peroxide or Formaldehyde, which aren't kind to your horses skin or the environment. These work to dry your horses hooves out to prevent conditions such as thrush but will also kill off healthy hoof bacteria. 

The Alchemist's Garden Hoof Oil is formulated with Natural Oils, Bee's Wax and Essential oils which have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The thick peppermint scented oil is long lasting and will deeply penetrate the hoof wall to promote healthy moisture balance and prevent split hooves and dry and cracked heels. 

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