We're Doing Black Friday a little differently this year...

We're Doing Black Friday a little differently this year...


We simply cannot continue to consume the way we do. We need to start making considered choices; buying less but better. We're therefore encouraging you to think twice before you make a purchase today. Even small steps will help and it's important we all work together.” -Christopher Raeburn


We've decided after long debate not to participate in 'Black Friday' like other brands do and there's a number of reasons why:

Sustainability and being kind to the planet really is at the heart of everything we do and Black Friday generally will cause people to mass purchase things they don't actually need just because they're cheaper, contributing to throwaway culture and land waste. 

There is not huge mark up in our products to allow us to discount them, this is because we ethically source sustainable and quality ingredients, eco friendly packaging and because ultimately, we really don't want to rip our customers off. We want you to have great quality, planet friendly products at great prices. 

Black Friday is just a psychological trick telling you that you’re going to miss out, but really, it’s just that, a trick.

We also feel really guilty to those customers who have purchased from us in the run up to 'Black Friday' and how frustrating it is to purchase something and then have it discounted just days after.  

It's damaging small, local businesses and the high street. Year on year Black Friday exists more and more online and with huge companies ability to slash prices, smaller start ups, family businesses, high street stores can't compete. Paying a little more to a local store rather than a little less to a company like amazon will make all the difference, especially if more people did it. 

What are we doing instead?

Firstly, We're going to donate £1 for every item sold on Black Friday to Charity.

Every order placed on Black Friday will be entered into a draw to win a huge Alchemists Garden Hamper. We understand that not everybody will have the means to make a full order and as a result we're going to set up a £1 donate option which will also enter you into the raffle to win.



The Alchemist's Garden x

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