Sweet itch solutions!

Sweet itch solutions!

Sweet itch is a seasonal issue which affects lots of different horses and ponies. 

Sweet Itch is extremely common and one of the most difficult skin conditions to control. The disease is caused by an allergic skin reaction to midge saliva introduced when the midges bite. Most cases are seen from March to October and remission usually occurs in the winter.

All breeds can be affected, and there is evidence that susceptibility is inherited.

One of the main symptoms is the development of bald, flakey patches of skin which if left can bleed and become infected.

With Sweet itch, It’s important to deal with any issues before they arise. By applying an itch balm to the affected areas in early spring you can help to prevent the damage being done early on. Prevention is better than cure!

Rugging your horse with an appropriate sweet itch rug is a great start to help prevent the issue from worsening

The Alchemist’s Garden Itch Balm contains Neem oil which is a skin superfood and helps to relieve itching and promote skin healing. It helps prevent your horse being bitten as neem is a natural insect repellent.

Sweet itch balm also contains rosemary oil, which is renowned for its skin benefits and hair regrowth.

Ideal for manes, tails, rug rubs, mallenders, sallenders.

we recommend bathing your horse in neem shampoo first to maximise the effect and ensure the area is clean 

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