War with Plastic - Let's talk sponges.

War with Plastic - Let's talk sponges.

Did you know, that one sponge is estimated to 50,000 years to decompose?

50,000 YEARS! 

Now think of every dirty sponge that has ever been used on this earth sitting in a landfill leaking micro-plastics and bacteria into the ground. 

We just can't wrap out brains around that fact....

This was so disgusting to us, that we went on a mission and decided to custom manufacturer a sponge specifically designed with horses in mind that would be clean, kind to the planet and sustainable. 

And The Alchemist's Garden Eco Sponge was born. 

They are made from 100% natural wood pulp, which will naturally decompose and biodegrade over time, not leaking harmful plastics into the environment. 

Whats better, is the are durable, reusable and super absorbent, meaning that making the switch isn't a compromise! 


Grab your hands on them HERE today 

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