Hot Cloth your horse like a pro!

Hot Cloth your horse like a pro!

We get asked all the time, What is Hot Oil? and how do i hot cloth my horse or pony?

What is Hot Clothing?

Hot Clothing a horse is a time honoured tradition, used in the showing ring to make sure that horses coats looked healthy and shiny all year round. 

After clipping horses, their coats can often look dull. We can replace this shine using a natural oil to replace the natural oils lost in the coat. 

You will need

  • a hot bucket of water (we say hot... it needs to be warm and not so hot it will scald you or the horse!) 
  • a clean towel, flannel or cloth
  • Hot Oil 


  1. Take freshly clipped pony and brush off with a clean soft brush
  2. Take a clean bucket and fill half way with warm water
  3. Drop in 50ml of Hot Oil 
  4. Swirl the oil around in the bucket with a cloth 
  5. wring the cloth out well so that your cloth is damp
  6. wipe all over the coat to remove hair and scurf and replace shine
  7. repeat step 6 until your horses coat is clean and cleansed 



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