Alchemists Garden & Friends Horsey 2020 Stocking Filler Ideas!

Alchemists Garden & Friends Horsey 2020 Stocking Filler Ideas!

Roll Up Roll Up - It's almost Christmas and I dont know about you but I just LOVE gifting awesome presents to my friends, especially if I can purchase all those gifts from small and eco friendly businesses!

Christmas can be an incredibly wasteful time with tons of extra plastic, packaging and unwanted gifts going into landfill. So please support small and eco, if you can! 

We've compiled a list of our favourite Christmas presents and stocking fillers from The Alchemists Garden and other small equestrian companies that we just LOVE. 

Let's start with Christmas Cards!

Emily Cole Christmas Cards

I personally buy these every year and they ALWAYS sell out! They contain a whole host of Christmas themed Emily Cole illustrations that are display worthy on the mantel of any equestrians house! 

Emily Cole Christmas Cards - From £2.00


ILPH Christmas Cards

Its really important to support your local charities where possible and the ILPH have a whole host of Equestrian Christmas Cards where the funds will go directly to helping with Equine rescue. 

World Horse Welfare Christmas Cards - From £2.00

 Bransby Horse Rescue Cards

Bransby have a whole host of Christmas gifts including stockings, baubles, wrapping paper and cards! Check out their website for a multitude of stocking filler ideas for your horsey friends. Their Christmas cards are available now!

Bransby Horses  from £2.00

Under £5?

The Alchemists Garden Shampoo Bar! 

We're hitting it off with one of our OWN products. These super cute Equestrian Shampoo Bars are the most eco present you're gonna find. When combined with their sisal bag, they provide a great lather for washing your horse. Even more so, in winter, ideal for spot washing just those muddy patches, meaning you dont have to do a whole wash! SCORE!

The Alchemists Garden Shampoo Bar - From £4.95


Brodelle Equestrian Gift Bag. 

These are just the perfect little stocking filler for your horsey friend. It has a super cute 'dream big and kick on' slogan, to inspire you in your horsey goals. Use it to keep your make up in, your plaiting bands and combs in or even your horses passport and documents safe and together for the vets and shows. They are made from super sustainable organic cotton and are just £4.95! 

Brodelle Gift Bag £4.99

Silvermoor Unicorn Treatsies 1kg

On clearance sale from My Horse Box, these Unicorn treats are just £2.80. The Perfect stocking filler for your horse or your horsey friend. they are minty flavour and guaranteed to be a total hit! 

Silvermoor Unicorn Treatsies - £2.80

Redwings 2021 Horse Calendar 

Supporting Charities is super important to us over at The Alchemists Garden and what better way than to gift your friends this super cute 2021 Equestrian calendar. Ideal for home or even the tack room to keep track of all the important dates in your horses life. 

Redwings Charity Calendar - £5.00 


Under £10? 

Practical Horse Company Beanie Hat 

One of our personal winter favourites, the Practical Horse Company beanie is a super insulated and warm winter hat (one I personally wear on the yard almost everyday!) Under £10, this cute little hat is IDEAL for a stocking filler present. 

Practical Horse Company Beanie - £9.00

Omega Equine Christmas Treats - 4kg

I am obsessed with festive treats and Omega Equine are hitting the nail on the head with these Chocolate mint flavour treats. We're not suggesting they're healthy, but its Christmas and make a really cute present for your horse or your horsey friends! 

Christmas Themed Treats - £6.65

Honest Riders Collapsible Mug 

A Travel mug is one of my absolute daily essentials all year round but especially in winter. An always on the go equestrian will benefit from this gift to no end. Not only is it super practical but its also made from recycled materials. Win Win! 

#ridersonamission Eco Mug - £9.95

Bits Bites Horse Treats 

We're loving bits bites homemade horse treats. Only available on Instagram, these guys are making the coolest horsey Christmas themed treats that are perfect for gifting or even for your own horse. Check them out on instagram at @bitsbi.tes 

They offer 4 packs for just £10 so get in a big order and get them out to all your horses or all your friends at your stables. 

@bitsbi.tes Horse Treats 

Wimpy Eventer Books! 

If you know Vic or have seen her blog ' Diary of a Wimpy Eventer' you will have seen her hilarious trilogy of diary style books documenting her ups and downs of eventing. They are a super laugh out loud gift for a horse friend and make an ideal in front of the fire with a wine companion for Christmas Time. Vic also has a bunch of encouraging and confidence building gifts such as her infamous 'Brave Pants' available on her site. Get over there and check it out for yourself. 

Victoria Brant 'How to get your leg over' - £6.99 

Under £15?

Dreamers and Schemers Equestrian Socks 

These socks are GOALS and they come in a whole variety of funny slogans. They are an American brand however they're available in the UK from QDressage. 

'I like horses not people' socks - £12.00


Brodelle Pom Pom Hat Silk

This is the best hat silk i've ever owned, I absolutely love it and get compliments on it wherever I go! It fits my skull cap like a dream and the pom pom is just the cutest addition ever. Available in a range of colours! 

Brodelle Pom Pom Hat Silk - from £11.99


Under £20

AG x PHC Collab Tee's

We got together with our friends over at Practical Horse Company to bring out this super sustainable range of t-shirts and hoodies that are made from 100% recycled materials. 

Eco Collab T-shirts available from £20 from Practical Horse Company and The Alchemists Garden

Diary of a Dun 2021 Equestrian Planner 

If you're anything like me, remembering the billion 'to do' things even just for the yard is a task in itself. My whiteboard is full of reminders, half of which have been smudged off. This is the answer for even the most unorganised equestrian (or even the really like to be organised equestrian) friend in your life. Note down all your farrier, vet and physio visits, when your hay or bedding is being delivered, all the shows or clinics you've booked in for and more! 

Equestrian Planner - £17.99


Mother Bee - Yard Hand Rescue 90g

Keep your hands in check with this amazing hand rescue salve from Honest Riders. The barrier properties & healing oils of Yard Hand Rescue are ideal for this time of year to protect the hands from the cold & all types of weather.  The beeswax puts a protective barrier on your skin, locking in the moisture or the oils and keeping the cold & damp out.

Mother Bee - Yard Hand Rescue - £15.99 

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