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Alchemists Garden

Eco Sponge

Eco Sponge

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The Alchemist's Garden Eco Sponges are the perfect replacement for traditional synthetic sponges which are almost always plastic based and cannot be recycled or composted. Mass produced plastic sponges are made with petroleum, bleach, and sulphites and when you throw them away, these toxic chemicals will leak into the ecosystems and negatively effect wildlife. 

Our Eco Sponge is super strong and durable but becomes soft when wet. They have been manufactured specifically for horse care and are the perfect size for both bathing and application of sprays for nervous horses. 

Why use a Cellulose Sponge? 

Regular sponges are made from petroleum based plastics which can take up to 50,000 years to decompose in landfill. They also secrete harmful toxins which are devastating to aquatic life. 

Our Eco friendly sponges are made from 100% plant based cellulose and not only are they biodegradable, they are also free from BPA and harmful chemicals. They are manufactured right here in the UK, meaning their carbon footprint is super low! 

They hold up to 10 TIMES their own weight in water and are renewable and sustainable. 

Are they Reusable?

Our Eco Sponges are hard wearing and reusable, to clean them simply place them in boiling water for a few moments and try to store them dry to maximise their lifespan! 

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