New Shampoos on the Block!

I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that our ever popular line of plant based shampoo has been extended this year to introduce TWO brand new formulations!

The first is already flying off our shelves and has fast become a firm S/S 2021 favourite. Our 'Neem Dream' shampoo and it packs a punch for more than one reason! 

Like our original shampoo's this plant based formulation contains no silicone, no SLS, no harsh chemicals and is even bottled in a plant based bottle ( yep, you heard It ) 

Neem Oil is one of our most popular ingredients as it not only helps to nourish skin but also will help to repel flies. making this shampoo an absolute must have for the spring and summer months. 

It can be used in two ways, either neat (like you would wash your own hair) or diluted into a bucket to form a 'rinse' which is great for cooling off sweaty ponies after work and before turnout. 

The second is our 'Carbon Clean' Shampoo, which harnesses the power of activated carbon to mop up any debris and scurf that may be lurking in your horses coat from winter. Ideal for scurfy ponies or those who need a really thorough (but natural!) clean. Its gentle and contains tea tree to gently medicate the skin and remove any nasties. 

It can be used on all coats (even though it is black) and will bring out bright colours in a similar way to using charcoal toothpaste or face masks. 

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